• About Generate

    Generate is a sales and marketing service company and a trading company and that serves European companies across sectors to generate sales and extend market reach. We provide companies with a low risk, cost effective and practical means to target the China markets, generate new and incremental revenues.

    We leverage our offices in two of the world’s largest markets — Europe and China — to maximize growth opportunities that extend beyond borders.


    Founded in 2013, Generate is registered in Belgium and Shanghai and has established a managed network of over 100 independent sales associates.


    • Our sales associates are prodigious networkers and expert key account managers
    • We bring them vetted sales opportunities
    • We can mobilise them within weeks which saves time and creates focus
    • We, meaning shareholders, directors and employees and network professionals are bound by, and perform within, the anti corruption and privacy laws of China and also uphold and respect those laws in the US, Canada, Australia, EU and in the UK


    Transparency, incentives and teamwork


    Generate sustainable sales with lower investment and risk


    • Influence organisations to sell through independent sales associates 
    • Support sales professionals to become businessmen/ businesswomen